By Jacob Thompson-Bell

Fresh Yorkshire Aires explores connections between making visual art and writing musical scores. Both can involve putting pen to paper but in music the composer’s manuscript is traditionally hidden from view.

The term ‘graphic score’ refers to any kind of musical notation that uses pictures, symbols or illustrations, instead of or in addition to traditional notation, to inspire performances – musical scores can be just as satisfying to look at as they are to listen to.

Visual art can also be a powerful inspiration for improvisers seeking musical parallels to the shapes and imagery of different creative mediums – visuals can be just as good to listen to as they are to look at.

Yorkshire has thriving music and visual art scenes – Fresh Yorkshire Aires will help bridge them together, allowing artists to share their work and skills with each other and the wider public.

Whether you’re a professional artist, student or keen amateur, you can apply to have your work included – this project is a chance to source fresh ideas, techniques and opportunities for Yorkshire-based makers.

Submit your work>>


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