(c) Sarah McWhinney

“The music of this piece was built up from layers of cello improvisation, recorded after a weekend spent walking and caving in the Yorkshire Dales. I created a film to respond to this sound, following the same ideas Oskar Fischinger used in the 1930s to convey music as form and colour.

The film has a few visual elements based on cave geology and formation. It is made up of textural lino cuts, screen-prints and paintings, moving in rhythm with the music. The repetition in the film deliberately reflect the nature of the looping sound, while the shifting layers of images are a visualisation of the ‘collaging’ of the pre-recorded cello improvisation. Recurring circles become a visualisation of the movement of the music.” (Sarah McWhinney, 2016)


Sarah McWhinney grew up in Yorkshire. When she’s away she says she misses the rolling countryside and fascinating cave systems, so her work is a reflection on past experiences with landscape and nature.