Charlotte Connerty: Colourful Vibrations

‘Colourful Vibrations’ is a collaboration piece between photographer Charlotte Connerty and artist Becca Hiscock. Combining their love for music with their love for art Connerty and Hiscock have explored the visualisation of music through water. Coloured dyes were added to water and mixed using the vibrations of the music to merge them together, then inverted in post production to represent the emotions that can be felt whilst listening to the music.

About the Artist

Charlotte is currently a third year student studying BA Photography at Leeds College of Art. Charlotte specializes in fine art photography and has a great interest in abstract photography and collaboration. Before her time at LCA, Charlotte studied Fine Art and Art & Design at City College Norwich where she enjoyed including photography into her work. Throughout her time as a photographer Charlotte has combined her fine art background with her love for photography and enjoys manipulating photographs in some way. She likes affecting the surfaces of her images with materials such as paint and layering her images both physically and digitally.