blankAria of Canaries: Kidology Arts

(c) Kidology Arts 2014, Canaries
(c) Kidology Arts 2014, Canaries

This image is a small part of a large canvas-based artwork, by Kidology Arts, which was displayed at the National Coal Mining Museum for England in Summer 2014 as part of their Tour de France celebrations.

The canary represents the yellow jersey and the complete artwork shows a flock of over 100 canaries, hand painted in detail representing the pelaton, which can be viewed in parallel with the music. The music begins with an audio landscape of La Gomera in the canary islands where the birds are native. The middle section is a series of Silbo Gomero (UNESCO protected whistling language also native to the island) phrases about how the canary feels about having to leave its’ home and arriving in Yorkshire to the darkness of the mines. The whistling phrases were part of a collaboration with the Education department of La Gomera and were provided by a group of secondary school children specially for the project.

About the Artist

Kidology Arts is formed of artist Richard and musician/composer Amanda Johnson, creating large-scale art and music projects, installations, digital art, performance, public engagement. kidologyarts.co.uk