Disruptive Pattern: Kidology Arts

(c) Kidology Arts 2014, Disruptive Pattern
(c) Kidology Arts 2014, Disruptive Pattern

This image is taken from an art and music installation, by Kidology Arts, commemorating the men from Derbyshire’s pit villages who served as stokers on board the Royal Navy’s Dazzle ships during the First World War. Dazzle was a form of camouflage that used large geometric shapes to disrupt the outline of a ship making it difficult for enemy submarines to judge its position. To show how war disrupts the pattern of family life when a loved-one is lost, the installation features a room covered with Dazzle camouflage and a piece of music deconstructing the tune from The Last Post. This work was supported by Arts Council England.


Kidology Arts is formed of artist Richard and musician/composer Amanda Johnson, creating large-scale art and music projects, installations, digital art, performance, public engagement. kidologyarts.co.uk