Annotated Duck Vee: Simon Thackray


The fly-by-product of a momentary / fleeting collaboration between the artist and some ducks.

Simon Thackray: “Annotated Duck Vee is a photographic recording of the music and movement of a squadron of ducks that jumped me from behind as I biked down a lane in rural North Yorkshire; just a few out-of-the-way miles from my Brawby home.

There was no warning, and I only just had enough time to drop the bike and shoot. Adding the staves to the photo seemed the natural way to frame the memory of the sound.”

About the Artist

Simon Thackray was born in Ryedale, North Yorkshire in 1960. He left school at seventeen to work in the family business of agricultural engineers and held his first one-man-show of ink drawings at York University in 1978. In 1987 he went into his shed to make sculpture, paintings and prints. In 1992 he photographed his shed door and founded The Shed. In 2014 he began making machines and short improvised films. Two of Simon’s most famous ‘happenings’, Mrs Boyes’ Bingo featuring Mark Sanders (1999), and Alan Tomlinson and the River Seven (2012), are included in the new documentary about British improvised music, Taking The Dog For A Walk (2015), narrated by Stewart Lee.