Kingsley Ash: Superformula004

The superformula is a generalisation of the superellipse, and was first proposed by Johan Gielis in 2003 as a new geometrical approach for modelling and understanding various abstract, natural, and man-made shapes. In this piece, the audio and visual materials are produced simultaneously and in real-time from a series of superformulae to produce a unique convergence of the heard and the seen.

About the artist

Kingsley Ash is a composer and performer of electronic music for club, theatre and concert environments. He has performed in venues in Europe, Asia and the USA, with recent work at the Seoul Computer Music Festival, Pixilerations Festival and the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival. Kingsley studied Astrophysics at Manchester University and is currently working as a lecturer in music, sound and performance at Leeds Beckett University. kingsleyash.com